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Welcome to the online gallery of the late painter and educator, Robert Kiley. 

An invitation to show some of Robert's work at a small Retrospective in New York this Fall led me to create this website. The large body of work he left to me is now available for exhibition and purchase. It has already begun to open doors for Robert as a “Re-Emerging” Artist! 

Twenty years ago, in 1993, Robert laid aside his brushes and paint to give his full attention to another part of his creative life—Writing.

He had been diagnosed, a few years earlier with a health problem that would no longer permit him to haul around the large canvases he was using for most of his paintings…the Pen is as mighty as the Brush, you might say, just not as heavy!

Just three years later, this otherwise healthy, athletic and vital man died on June 28, 1996 at the age of 71.

Please feel free to contact me for more information about Robert and his work.

Phyllis Kiley

August 4, 2013